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1. Introduction -
2. The cultural background
3. The perfect form
4. Mathematics of space, objects and relationships
5. “Unspecified form” – the ‘cubes’ project
6. Design given as a function
7. Neutral configuration – dealing with the complexity
8. Designing the ‘essence'

Centuries ago Plato already had a notion that there seems to be an ideal, a perfect form (idea=form, Greek), behind everything physical. The ideas that exist in some strange realm of the universe, where things are preconceived, and where their characteristics exist in their purest, conceptual form.

Whether this is true or false, an identical ‘essence’ is evident in a group of the same kind where every entity still remains different and individual, taking its final form only when fused with the conditions in which it exists. It is from this process of physical materialization that uniqueness and individuality are born.

If it were possible to design this ‘essence’, which would then form the basis for the creation of an unlimited number of possible end results, would that than READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY »

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