Product design

I design ceramic tiles, lamps and various other objects, that are carved by hand using sgraffito technique. All pieces are unique and handmade from start to finish. They are envisaged as interior detail. Tiles can also be combined with other serially made tiles.
My work is available on order. 

Ceramic tiles

                              Ceramic tiles, hand-carved #Sgraffito, dimensions 8 and 9 cm dim, (cc 3,1'' and 3,5'')                        
      Ceramic tiles, hand-carved, Sgraffito

Hand-etched objects

    / two trees and the void' / plate cc 20cm diameter/  
      'Treeangulation' / plate cc 21cm [8"] dia 
     / "Full Moon in the Forest" / plate cc 20cm diameter
    plate, hand-carved, cc 20cm [8"] diameter/