Fuck Machine by Charles Bukowski

Set design: Bojana Vuksanović
Direction/adaptation: Neven Samardzić

main scene - the machine

introductory bar scene

final scene - Henry's bedroom

The central piece is the machine - a featureless mechanism controlling all. Henry falls in love with Tanya, a machine with no feelings.

Cast: Kemal Čebo, Mirza Dervišić, Igor Skvarica, Semir Krivić, Belma Salkunić, Alma Terzić; Music: Sasa Peševski

Charles Bukowski's collection of stories available / here /

Many thanks to Osman Arslanagić for his kind help.

Showing 4th of March, 20h, Theater Scena Obala, Sarajevo


  1. congratulations!!!

    all the luck with the play!!


  2. I love the steel coldness of it... and there's something profoundly uncomfortable in the marriage of a machine and a bed... love it, wanna be on it :)

  3. i think the best on this set, is the coldness atmosphere who we see, i feel that space like a home for a machine. It's amazing.

  4. Tsiganliya

    I wanna be on it too, i will like to go onto my computer and be there, jajaja

  5. looks great Bojana, looking forward to seeing as-built photos!

  6. pierre forissierMonday, March 02, 2009

    This surreal flat where David Lynch and Salvador Dali are flatmates

  7. It is interesting to see how the atmosphere really changes, from scene to scene.... mainly through the use of lighting... Compliments

  8. Hi Bojana.

    Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Your website is much rich of informations, compliments, I'll follow it...


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