Planned Spontaneity

'Planned Spontaneity' / PDF download //writing/online link: -'Planned Spontaneity'


1. Introduction
2. Planning
3. Spontaneity
4. The Issue of Complexity
5. Planned versus Spontaneous
6. Planned Spontaneity
7. Conclusion

Ever since human consciousness evolved, the tendency was there to conquer the nature and put the natural processes under control. Today, we can predict with a very high level of certainty if the various things will or will not happen. These processes often follow a very predictable ‘path’ and it seems that the certain direction of movement and change does exist. The entire universe appears to be on a constant roll.

There are certain things in nature and society which require time to develop. They do not instantly happen. This especially concerns communities and the relationships between people. Urban plans, which, by their very essence, are concerned with these READ THE REST OF THIS ENTRY »

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