possibility forms - liquid cubes
online link: -'Unspecified Form'


  1. tu trabajo es muy inspirador, en mi escuela la contemporaneidad y el diseno espontaneo( por llamarlo de alguna forma) es totalmente negado, he estado pensando en una pared, que tenga la misma estructura, estetica y demas atributos que la superficie del agua, y lo unico que he visto, que se asemeje es tu trabajo con estos cubos, que materiales serian adecuados? y como llegariamos a darle forma a esta pared, mediante scripts y fractales, como la superficie del agua? porfavor si pudieras ayudarme te agradeceria. Das clases en algun lugar?

  2. Pienso que tu idea de una pared que tiene la estructura y atributos del aqua es muy interesante.

    Este projecto del 'cubos' es un projecto teórico - es un material en una forma ideal, que tiene la propiedad del liquido. En este sentido, he estado piensando en general de las structuras y las ocurrencias que tiene estos propiedades y en unas formas del organizaciones, no en un material particular.

    'Unspecified form' es un intento para explicar. En este caso los 'cubos' no tienen una forma final - solo tienen las reglas directivas, es como un liquido - la forma se cambia - depende de position (de los puntos de referencia).

    Quitaz tienes que pensar en las occurencias que tiene esos reacciónes por obtener este material.

    Es un poco mas facil para me a responder en Inglese. B.V.

  3. i write to you, well if you dosen't read it, i tell you again:
    1. my english is not good enough, but we can do something.
    2. whit that wall i will like to do the same as water do, is impossible but on theory, or in a virtual space could be and i believe on theory frist, cause it one day becomes real,
    3. One idea will be study the behavior of water and use that sistem and aplly it to the wall, ideas could be a lot,
    4. another one is try to put the water in air, without any thing who contain it,
    well thousands of ideas, design's process, jajaaj, thanks again and help me whit anything you have,
    5. another point, your planned spontaneity is really good, i found a lot of responses in it

    hey! my name is pedro, i studied in havana,sorry i don't introduce me

  4. Apologies for the delay in replying - a bit busy constructing the stage set in the reality (...a strange realm of existence....the reality...)

    I will be very curious to see your design..

    I think it is good to think in bigger ideas... always - to think what is it exactly what you wish to have, ignoring the limits....

    When you know it, it is just incorporating the limits into it... which might make it even more interesting...

    I am sorry if I am not writing about the concrete way to do it - in your description, it is evident that you see it, exactly what it is that you wish to achieve....

    Looking forward seeing your way of thinking and the way in which you will resolve it. I hope it will surprise me... Best, Bojana

  5. what do you like to see?, remember it is theory, we are conceptualizing about this, and is actually interesting than anyone can imagine his own water wall(another good idea). By the way, how you imagine the wall?
    Bojana please I don't understand what do you says about limits, what is your definition of limits?

  6. The most interesting property of water (liquids) (...for me) is that it does not have its own form...

    It has (an amazing) ability (in real time) to take the form of the 'container' (by which I mean the surrounding conditions) that contains it.. its 'form' becomes a sort of a cast... the conditions and their characteristics 'imprint' on it...

    This would be the main quality that I would try to achieve in designing.. All the other properties, such as transparency/translucency, color etc are achievable in other materials..

    Limits, as sort of limitations that you might encounter (technical, material etc), anything that, at the first glance, seems to be posing some restrictions on what you wish to achieve...

    As you say, anyone can imagine his/her own wall of water.. infinite numbers of different ways to realize it.. in itself, an interesting, liquid like quality.. I will be very interested in seeing any attempts.. and will keep posting my thoughts.. Best

  7. As you must know Cuba is an island, and the sea is a constant on ours perspective, I remember you last night, cause I was on a bar(really drunk- sorry if you dislike this-) who you can see the sea, and the sea was amazing, quite ferocious, the moon reflects the light in it. It was one of the best images that I never saw, and it remember me this conversation. At night the sea is completely different, well, continous on our conversation.

    I agree whit you that the most interesting quality of the water is its "no form", we could think in water as a non free system, as a system whit conditions, but the part quite interesting is the system alone, the water whitout container. The gravity is only who could put form to water, but in outer space, What happen? Well Bojana, we need a physicist, jaja, and this will be our way to construct a water wall.

    Transparency and translucency, are the most interesting properties. When you see the colors, the form, the movement, the light of the sun passing trought, of the surface under the sea, are amazing, I just think everyone needs to enjoy this as I do.

    Now I understand what you mean whit limits, and you give me an interesting step on my process desing: Declare limits. I gad one problem designing, I never stop, allways I'm trying to evolve my design and really important is the end, the result, not the way.
    Well thanks a lot for this.

    I was thinking on magnets too, actually we need a physicist, without him I'm nothing. jajaja

    Well if you're busy, I can wait to you have some time, I will like to help you(on reality,jajaja) whit your work, the set is really interesting, when I saw it the first time i think, that is a robot bedroom and it was. Well I hope everything goes fine whit it.


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