infinite number of possible forms - derivation of liquid cubes
derivation of many variations from a single idea, the design becomes its ‘essence’ - an idea of itself

online link: -'Unspecified Form'

In the project, the form of the cube has been manipulated with the aim of simultaneously obtaining an unlimited number of possible solutions. This approach, in turn, has removed the necessity for specifying any particular form as the end result, since all of the possible outcomes were analysed at once.

image 01/change = zero/objects defined as perfect cubes

Initially, the perfect cube was defined by the software. The characteristics or the ‘essence’ of the ‘cubes’ was clearly defined, specified in terms of minimum and maximum values, as well as in terms of their overall aesthetic quality.

The work with the form was entirely random, i.e. the form could have been any of the shapes shown in the images below (an extract), or just as equally a perfect cube. Form has not been manipulated with a certain result in mind. In fact, no particular form has been envisaged prior to its creation. The final form remained unknown, since only when the parametric value was applied in the controlling field, the resulting form was determined.

image 02/deformations 0073/parametrically induced

The design was considered solely on probabilistic grounds i.e. the forms could or could not result in a certain shape. Paradoxically, although the final form stayed unspecified, an infinite number of its probable states was possible to obtain.

An element of the accidental was interwoven in the creation process, and some possible results unintentionally became more appealing than others.
Although the ‘essence’ of the objects stayed identical, i.e. their formula remained constant, the ‘cubes’ manifested themselves differently in every case. Each of the produced forms is unique.

image 03/deformations 0176/parametrically induced

An identical ‘essence’ is evident in a group of the same kind, where every entity still remains different and individual, taking its final form only when fused with the conditions in which it exists. It is from this process of physical materialisation that uniqueness and individuality are born.

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