the elevator room - 3d point cloud

Labin mine's / segment volume - 3d model from point cloud

collaboration work with:

Bruno Juricčić / / MLAUS - Mediterranean Laboratory for Architecture and Urban Strategies /

João Gameiro Neves, Architect, London

Pascal Silondi,  LIBAT- Hybrid Lab for Arts and new Technologies Architect, Praque


Project of protection and conversion of Istrian coalmines for creative industry and tourism purposes, an engine of sustainable development of the area of Labin and the Region of Istria as well as a never ending social sculpturing art project by Labin Art Express XXI (L.A.E. XXI)

Leading idea of the project 

1. Providing ample and true testimony of almost 400 years old tradition of mining in the Labin area, through preserving and protecting the urban unit of Rasa as a “living town-museum” as well as Podlabin (Downtown of Labin - Pozzo Littorio) mine site with the pithead tower (“Schacht”) as a local topographical iconic structure.

2. Protecting the space by its sustainable exploitation – preservation of devastated industrial localities representing cultural heritage by itself, their modernization and conversion for the entrepreneurial and cultural- commercial purposes, having in mind symbolic and material symbiotic link between the past, the present and the future

3. Changing the image of Labin into the town of an attractive visual and substantial existence with an underground, cultural-tourist and art attraction.